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Minimal Impact and Safe Riding Principals

ATV Tour Minimal Impact and Safe Riding Principals

ALL4 // All Terrain Tours operates under licence within the Freycinet National Park and practices minimal impact riding during its tours. Our tours allow you to access remote, less visited parts of the Park in an enjoyable way. It is a condition of the tour that participants agree to adhere to the following:

  • Obey the instructions of your guide at all times.
  • Ride in a manner that maintains yours and the group’s safety.
  • Ride in a manner that is of minimal impact to the National Park and avoids degrading the tracks.
  • Avoid excessive acceleration particularly into and around corners. Powerslides, fishtails and donuts are not permitted.
  • Your Guide will set the appropriate speed according to licencing and the capabilities of the entire group.
  • Helmets must be worn at all times when vehicles are running.

These measures are designed to ensure you and the group have a safe and enjoyable trip, in a manner that minimises its impact on the National Park. Booking this tour acknowledges agreement to these conditions and that the failure to comply with these conditions may result in being unable to continue the tour and the forfeit of all payments. This will be at the ALL4 Guides discretion.

Any damage to vehicles due to actions considered reckless or noncompliant with the guide’s instructions will be at the participant’s expense.

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ATV Tour Rider Training

I understand that I will undertake training prior to the start of the tour. I also understand that I have the option of discontinuing the tour following my completion of the training, at no cost. My continuation from this point in the tour will serve as my acknowledgement that I consider that I have received training and feel competent in handling the vehicle and to continue on the tour.